Lolicon Algorithm

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About Lolicon Algorithm

Lolicon algorithm is encryption made by Seccodeid Forum, This encryption will securing your data, and your files will be encrypted. your file will be encrypted, then your files will be decrypted, the decrypt file has been accepted by user. Not support to image extensions, ex: png, jpg, jpeg. Watch vidio until end. Vidio in bottom, you can scroll it.

Notice Alert ! ! !

Your file is safe, no engine, backdoor, and malware. Encryption Seccodeid doesn't broken your files this file everything be okay, you can open it, and excute the file

How it Works ?

Lolicon Algorithm

Encryption Flow

Explained :
1. Your file, will be accepted or sending in server
2. Then, your file signature and header file will be changed
3. Next, your file has been changed Seccodeid extension (.seccodeid)
4. Last, server sending your file to user, and user accepted the file

How to Open Seccodeid files ?

1. Open the path file, for example : C:\Users\Desktopwincrack\Downloads
Lolicon Algorithm
2. Right click in your mouse, then you can choose menu "Open With"
Lolicon Algorithm

3. Last. You can choose using text editor like atom, vscode, or notepad. Whatever you want Lolicon Algorithm

Yeah, file was successfully decrypted, and you can excute :D, you can see the results comparison Lolicon Algorithm

Lolicon Algorithm

Watch full in vidios, thank you

Seccodied protect your privacy

Seccodeid, doesnts ask for personal information, like as ID card, cc, address, gender, even school, and more. Then your data has been deleted
within 5 - 10 minutes everytime Secodeid only requires your email address and telephone number, for register, verify the subscriber, and entering challenge then with prize claims (Coming soon)

Seccodeid Developer Team

1. Bayu Aji
2. Holiq Ibrahim
3. Api Rahman
4. Muhammad Julfansha

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  2. We will not steal, sell, read your data, because the data in the chat feature will automatically be deleted within a certain period of time, so we don't store your data permanently
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  6. Do not occasionally provide passwords, IDs, ID cards and other things that are personal privacy
  7. Sorry, only support IOS 13 and above, update it so that it can be used
  8. Ads shortlink its prohibited like safelinku, semawur, adlfy and etc
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