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Seccodeid is a forum platform from Indonesia about IT. Including programming, hacking, design, iot, gaming, memes and other categories. Seccodeid forum to gain get insight, discuss problems, share and learn together. Seccodied, not only questions and answers, but you can share or post the knowledge you want.

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Realtime Chat App

Realtime message, upload all files upto 150mb, simple design and responsive
can multi upload file

Free Tools Seccodeid

Gpstracker free and unlimited, realtime tracking, views maps multi track, custom redirect, custom shortlink & history tracking

User Role

User role like
Admin, Moderator, Member, Banned status

E Books Archives

There are many selected
 e-books on technology, ready to be downloaded
safely from viruses or backdoors

Text Editor Forum

Text editor forum modern, user friendly, has a simple design and also has many like features you can explore

Popular Posts

The existence of a popular feature, makes it easier for you to find a solution
get your answer problem faster, & user friendly

Search Features

The existence of a search feature, makes it easier for you to find a keyword
more efficient

Sub Categories

Making posts easier, and organized with sub-categories they are easy to find, making it easy for users

Post Badge

Get posting badges from Seccodeid like casual badges rising star badges, top discussion badges, and mad discussion badges

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Newsletters make it easy
for you to keep up with the latest posts and subscribe for free without any fees

Random Post

Random posts feature
makes it easier for old posts to appear on the surface so that users can easily integrate posts

Views User Details

Detailed users feature, to get know each other and see information between users to see whether the user is active or not

Post History

With your post history feature, it's easier to monitor and see the traffic status of your posts

User Badge

Badge feature for the user indicates that the user has the rank, badge points and activity of the discussion

User Status

User status feature, for you to show off your skills, who you are makes it easier for you to find fellow mentor

Coming Soon

Task for the user, and collect as many point coins, can be exchanged for prizes from seccodeid

Coming Soon

Raise your level, get as much as Xp, and get the highest rank get as many rewards

Coming Soon

Get better your user status, reach the leaderbord at the number 1 rank

Coming Soon

User followers, get lots of followers and expand your connection relationships

Coming Soon

Special user, get a special emblem from Seccodeid, and get your reward


Bayu Aji,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

Bayu Aji

Founder Seccodeid

Holiq Ibrahim,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

Holiq Ibrahim

Admin Seccodeid

Dia Putera,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

Dia Putera

Content Creator

Pryanama lang,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum


Content Creator

Ananda Fikri A,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

Ananda Fikri

IT Security

Api rahman,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

Api Rahman

Senior Web & App Dev

Api rahman,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

M Julfansha

Senior Web & App Dev

Binsar Dj,Seccodeid,Free Tools,Free IT Course,IT Forum

Binsar Dj

Bug Fixing

Logo Designer

Hello, my name is Ali Ichsan Ghifari, just call Ali. I am here as the Seccodeid.com Designer logo, my expertise is Photoshop Graphic Design, Editing, Programming, and Security. If you want logo creation services for communities or agencies, contact me

Ali Ichsan

Ali Ichsan